Biro B350A Automatic Slicer

The Biro semi-automatic slicer is designed to provide trouble free service in a wet meat room environment. Features such as water resistant motor, electrical components and connections, plus non-corrosive metals all add to the water protection benefits of the slicer.

The B350A Automatic slicer operation provides an auto piece count selection range of 0-99 pieces with automatic shut-off. It is equipped with an adjustable ten speed motor that can be adjusted during operations while providing three stroke length options to accommodate varying product sizes.

The 13¾” diameter blade, common to both machines, is a hollow ground alloy steel blade. It is designed with a special step face to relieve surface friction on the products that allows for a slicing capacity of 9¼” on round products. The thickness control allows for cuts from 0-1” with indicator positions shown on the index knob in 1 mm increments, providing precise slice consistency.

Minimal number of removable parts allow for easy clean up while the ergonomic and easy glide carriage allows little resistance during manual slicing.

Built in safety features include: blade protective ring guard, which prevents exposing the blade’s edge when the blade cover is removed for cleaning. When the table is locked open for cleaning it prevents the thickness gauge from being opened exposing the blade edge. The remote sharpener mounts easily when needed, but is stored away from the slicer when not in use, providing added hygiene security to the slicing operation.

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