SPK-500 Mobile

Cooking capacity, price point and footprint make the SPK-500 our most popular rotisserie smoker. With over 50 square feet of cooking surface, this smoker can handle medium to large batch cooking.

Trailer Features

  • Black paint
  • Torsion axle
  • 2″ coupler
  • Safety chains
  • LED lighting
  • 7-way RV trailer plug connector
  • A-frame coupler mounted jack with interchangeable foot plate and caster
  • Mobile rack retainer pins and clips for smoker
  • Stainless steel closed storage box
  • Dual 40lb LP tank assembly (in open stainless steel box)
  • 15″ chrome spoke wheels and radial tires (with spare)

Convection air system

  • The 75,000 BTU (22KW) burner heats the smoker cabinet and ignites the 2-3 fireplace size logs in the firebox to obtain the desired flavor, aroma, and texture.
  • The convection fan draws the smoke from the firebox and circulates the smoke throughout the smoker cooking cabinet.
  • The Subterthermic® front or rear flue increases the smoke flavor of the product, increases the heat efficiency, and reduces the wood usage.

Smoker interior

  • The entire smoker interior is stainless steel ensuring easy cleaning and decades of trouble-free use.
  • The smoker comes standard with (5), 3-tier rack hangers that hold a maximum of (15), 12″ x 42″ nickel chrome plated product racks with 3 1/2″ spacing.

Manual digital control panel

  • The standard digital thermostat allows for cook temperature selection between 140° to 325°F (60° to 163°C), and will maintain consistent temperature throughout the cook cycle.
  • The rotisserie can be advanced by pressing and holding the rotisserie advance button, or stepping on the rotisserie foot pedal for hands-free operation.

Smoker exterior

  • The smoker exterior is stainless steel ensuring easy cleaning and decades of trouble-free use.
  • The convection fan access door allows the convection fan blade to be accessed from the outside of the smoker for easy cleaning to ensure proper airflow and to prevent the convection fan motor from failing.

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