Ovens, Ranges, and Griddles

Appliances from Atosa and Alto-Shaam provide the newest technology in the industry. 

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Atosa Griddle

  • Two models available varied in size and weight 
  • Stainless steel
  • Two burners independent T-static control
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Atosa Gas Range

  • Various models available 
  • Differences based on doors, racks, stove top and burners.
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Alto-Shaam Vector H4 Multi-Cook Oven

  • Programmable touchscreen control
  • Available in two, three, or forth chambers: each chamber heat independent
  • Cooks 2x faster than traditional oven
  • Perfect for small spaces with limited labor 

Table and Equipment Stands

BK Resources provides tables and stands with differences in backsplashes, sizes, undershelf, and stainless steel or galvanized legs.

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Jeros Washer

The utensil washer's design allows easy operation and the elimination of back pain.

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  • Multiple models available 
  • Flush hose allows the reuse of water
  • Machines available with "I-Standard" that requires less operation power and overall savings
  • User control panels to adjust settings