Meat Processing Equipment

Even more equipment for your meat processing needs including meat grinders, vacuum sealers, and tumblers.

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Most of our meat processing equipment has specialized plugs and cords. You can rely on us to deliver your equipment and set it up with the correct power cords and plugs so that you can get to work in no time. You’re also welcome to pick up your meat processing equipment.

Vacuum Sealers

Minipax creates products with precision packaging technology that contain spill-over prevention, anti-product crush and optimal Mbar cycles

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Minipack MX 4

  • Touchscreen with intuitive keys
  • Rapid infusion and marination programs
  • Ideal for large batches
Minipack MVS 45x

  • Contains one seal bar
  • Programmable sealing time
  • Water resistant digital display
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Minipack MVS 50x

  • Perfect for heavy duty users
  • Programmable sealing and vacuum time
  • Two seal bars


Daniel Foods offers a variety of tumblers certain to meet the needs of your operation.

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  • Capacity of 50 pounds
  • Speed adjustable
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DVTS 300 & 500

  • Capacity of 420 and 500 lbs., respectfully
  • Toggle switch for "run", "fwd", "start/stop'

Patty Former

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Biro F2000 PLUS Patty Former

  • Production of variety of meat and food products
  • Different drum mold die shapes available
  • Able to select product weights by changing drum die thickness

Brine Pump

Daniels Food Equipment 10000-B

  • Use compressed air to inject brine or seasoning into products
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Plainsman BP-1 Brine Pump

  • Electric brine pump
  • Single needle attachment (three needle is extra)

Heat Seal Wrapper

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Heat Seal HDX250 Shrink System

  • Saves productivity by performing the steps of wrapping items
  • Wrapped item is moved to to a Shrink Tunnel for transparent packages or used as a low-cost productive bags

Poly Clip Automatic Clipper

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Poly Clip PDC-A 700 Clipper

  • Fully automated operation for continuous production
  • Reliably close all casings
  • Closes casings up to 105mm caliber and plastic casings of larger size
  • Low noise

Roll Stock Machine

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Pack 3000 Vesta Roll Stock Machine

  • Packaging options include gas, skin below film line, shrink, flexible, and rigid with materials up to 450 Micron
  • Various models available
  • Able to reach six cycles/minute